The outside appearance of your home is a reflection of how much your care for your abode. If your vinyl is dingy or a sad gray, it’s time to have your vinyl professionally cleaned.


Typically homes with vinyl siding need to be cleaned every 2 years. You should have your siding cleaned more often if:


  • you live in a wet climate like South Central Pennsylvania and Maryland that are known for a few rainy seasons each year. When the siding has little time to dry out between rainstorms, mold or mildew may build up. Mold does not just look unsightly, it can pose a health problem especially for those with upper respiratory challenges.
  • your siding is textured and traps dust and dirt instead of letting that slide right off. You can tell if your siding has texture if you run your hand along vinyl and can feel bumps and ridges. Dust likes to collect in the little recessed areas.
  • your siding is light colored and shows dirt faster than darker colors. More new installs of vinyl siding are leaning toward darker colors because you can stretch out your professional cleanings to 3-4 years.


Schedule a proper vinyl cleaning by the professionals at Clean Pros in East Berlin, PA.